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2000 - 2018

2018 In/Visible
In/Visible comprises fourteen thematically linked works. The show opened in 2018 at ARTsPlace Gallery, Annapolis Royal, and then toured to Memory Lane Heritage Village and St. Francis Xavier University Art Gallery. It will open at the Craig Gallery in 2020. In 2019 In/Visible was nominated for the Nova Scotia Masterworks Award and was one of four finalists chosen for the Lieutenant Governor’s Nova Scotia  Masterworks Award’ in 2019.
Learn more about this exhibit in a video interview with the artist.
2014-15 SEA/SKY
SKY/SEA is comprised of seven works, created in response to being selected for the cover of the 2016 annual CBC Halifax/Feed Nova Scotia, Sharing the View calendar fundraiser. The works explore the nebulous zone between ‘calendar art’, realism and abstraction.
2014 Bird Maps 
Bird Maps are six small exploratory works exhibited in 2014 at Visual Arts Nova Scotia’s ‘Corridor Gallery’. They examine the layers of organic matter that one finds in a salt marsh, perhaps as migrating birds flying overhead might see them as maps to nourishment after a long winter.
2004-09 In/Finite
In/Finite is a body of work exploring the transformation of abstract watercolour fragments into an enlarged digital print, which is then worked on with coloured pencil to create the finished work. The exhibition premiered at ARTsPLACE in 2006, with an introductory essay by Wayne Boucher, before presentation at Inverness Centre for the Arts and Zwicker’s Gallery.
2002 Landscape with Thighs 
Landscape with Thighs was a retrospective exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in 2002, curated by Peter Dykhuis. The exhibition totaled thirty works, fifteen of which are shown here. If the work in this show had been previously exhibited this is noted at the beginning of the information about each work.